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5th Grade Reading

3rd Quarter

Currently, students are reading The Scoop on Clothes, Homes, and Daily Life in Colonial America and doing individual and group activities. 

This covers early American History up through the late 1700s, and will be taught with the EngageNY Reading curriculum.

Encourage your child to read at least 45 minutes every evening. Check the Homework Folder for Reading Goals for each quarter.


Reading Goals:

25%: January 17: Surprise Prize
50%: January 31: Book-It! and 30 minutes of Free time
75%: February 14: Surprise Prize
100%: March 1: Book-It!  and Lunch/Video in the Classroom

2-Voice Poems from Esperanza Rising

Ava and Haddie

Lilli and Cassidy

Colton and Emery

Gavin and Kainoa

Trysta and Gabbie

Shia and Abbi

Justin and Seth

Jace and Angel

Levi and Anders

Luke and Aidan

Owen and Noah

Hailey and Gabi

Aaron and Harper

Logan and Makai

Colton, Lincoln, and Cash

Skylar and Lilly

Jasmine and Kenzie

Keitra and Teaygan

Scout and Olivia


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